12 typical dishes in Korean food culture


In Korean cuisine, culture, their food with bold traditional culture from ancient to present, with dishes such as Kimchi, Bibimbap, the pot smoke ngut mushrooms and grilled rib dishes, especially South Korea, then it seems that this dish has become tradition in Korean cuisine and culture. With typical dishes-12 below, we can see a number of strokes in the culinary culture of South Korea

  1. Bimbimbap-mixed rice

12 typical dishes in Korean food culture 1

Mixed rice is noted first of all by the art of the blend color. Typically a rice bibimbap Bowl must be at least 6 to 7 over dish: white rice, yellow of eggs, green vegetables, Brown meat … The vegetables are usually cucumber are finely chopped, carrots, spinach, price was only fleeting, can also add a bit of lettuce, eggs, then covered and cooked along with meat balls over or (usually beef) are marinated in spices has chopped, all this food will be mixing them with sauce made from Chili Peppers before eating. This blend has created the name ‘ mixed rice ‘.

  1. Gimbap Rice seaweed leaves bench

12 typical dishes in Korean food culture 2

The name of the dish is simple, rice wrapped in seaweed. About shape, Gimbap “seem” like Sushi-rice dishes in the book also leaves the seaweed, of Japan but to Italy more then will see, Gimbap is usually louder because inside, “entertainment” includes many different types of food.

Gimbap was also cut the circle with thin thickness than Sushi. If the same length of a sheet of seaweed, Sushi is cut all do 6 circled, Gimbap may be cut into 12 slices or more.

  1. Hobakjuk

12 typical dishes in Korean food culture 3

Hobakjuk is the porridge oats with red beans, mashed pumpkin

  1. Naengmyeon-cold Pastas

12 typical dishes in Korean food culture 4

Cold noodles are often used in large bowl, warm smell, taste the sweet bar bar cool as do vanish sultry atmosphere of the summer. However, not not be used cold noodles in the cold season, you still can use the meat with water and kimchi to the delicious noodles than you should balance between water kimchi broth.

  1. Samgyetang-Qin Ginseng Chicken

12 typical dishes in Korean food culture 5

Every year, in the calendar of the South Korea had three of the hottest days in summer, Chobok, Jungbok, called Malbok. These days, the dish may make people line up before the store long dress for the hot sun as main dishes is poured, cool bar-Qin Ginseng Chicken (samgyetang).

Young chicken stuffed cucumbers, was cleaning the same glutinous rice, jujubes, and then sewn back into the pot, only the Rock Tunnel for hours. Traditional Ginseng Chicken become healthy, invigorating in summer kimchi. In the restaurant famous samgyetang, chicken Bowl was moved with ginseng-frequency vacuum to SIP a drink.

  1. the Soondubu jjigae-tofu stew spicy

12 typical dishes in Korean food culture 6

Sindubu-jjigae is tofu stew with clams in a spicy broth. Soft tofu is made of soaked soybeans, was dubbed the “beef in vegetable garden”. It is very soft and has a characteristic taste.

  1. Japchae-Korean mixed Burmese

12 typical dishes in Korean food culture 7

The main raw material for making this dish is Burma and seasonal vegetables (usually carrots sliced thin, onion, spinach, and mushrooms) and meat (usually beef). South Korea used sesame oil (sesame oil) to fry. The main spices are chili soy sauce and sesame seeds together. It can be eaten hot or cold.

  1. Galbi-grilled ribs

12 typical dishes in Korean food culture 8

Galbi is the common name of the grilled rib dishes in Korean cuisine. Galbi is usually beef or pork or chicken fillets breaded soy sauce (kanch’ang), and then baked. When using beef rib, it is also called “sokalbi” or “soekalbi”. Also if using pork chops or chicken ribs are known as “twaechi” or “galbi t’ak galbi”. However, because of the rib of beef or more used, so much as just well not imply Galbi rib beef dishes.

  1. Bulgogi-roast beef

12 typical dishes in Korean food culture 9

Bulgogi is marinated with soy sauce (soy sauce) and sugar

Bulgogi is marinated with soy sauce (soy sauce) and sugar, the key factor that makes the soft and fragrant dish-a taste that everyone can feel. Not only the majority of the visitors, but also the vast majority of the people preferred Korean Bulgogi dish. It has a sweet taste and have plenty of water and just a short time can also be processed in this delicious dish. That is the reason why Bulgogi dish is considered the number one dish in Korean cuisine.

When eating Bulgogi, who normally Pack it on lettuce, Sesame leaves or other leaves and this brings the true taste and more nutritious than just eating Bulgogi doesn’t. Because of these reasons, Bulgogi dish full of nutrients and carrying very toothsome. 10. Seafood pajeon-breaded seafood mix FRY Onions

After mixing wheat flour or rice flour with water, sprinkle green onions or chives up, add the shellfish, steel trap, shrimp, … v.. v and then fried. Seafood pajeon dish make appropriate get drunk.

  1. Korean seafood Pancakes

12 typical dishes in Korean food culture 10

The favorite dishes of both adults and children, the South Korea boasts that this is the Korean version of Pizza

  1. Kimchi Korea

12 typical dishes in Korean food culture 11

Although there are hundreds of different types of kimchi, most types of kimchi are scented and pungent

  1. Hobaktteok – Pumpkin Cake

12 typical dishes in Korean food culture 12

Hobak Ttseok is the common name for cakes made from steamed or boiled cereal. Pumpkin Pumpkin made primarily of food and is considered good for health.