3 folk remedies can cure stomach ailments


The stomach is the disease in the bonus you have dining lifestyle not according to time. The stomach pain that makes you want to “die for”. In addition to whatever pain is taking West then you apply the right here!

  1. simple medication Post from banana flowers

According to Oriental medicine, banana blossom sweetness, cold, finely Kien walkie-talkie chemistry used, comments can animated horror, stasis pepper … Banana flowers are used as a food-medication to cure extreme stomach. If you suffer from stomach pain, smoking from banana flowers can be a hint easily done and no less effective for you.

3 folk remedies can cure stomach ailments 1

Method1: banana flowers, Camellia parasite on trees (can buy at drugstores) 15 g each, with a sufficient amount of water in about 10 minutes and then filter to get drinking water.

Method 2: Cook the porridge with banana flowers, blue Rice eaten in days.

Time: should make a 10-day program, repeat the process until the disease out.

  1. Cure stomach pain end pea old dragon

Many people have used the pea old dragon to heal the stomach very effectively, even after just 15 days is the disease can completely.

3 folk remedies can cure stomach ailments 2

Method: the old dragon bean, roasted with salt for gold Jasmine hong to fire.

Usage: early morning empty stomach, chewing some 10-12 counties. If can not eat pea old dragon can you pureed them out. Every day you should eat 1 tablespoon powder cafe, chewing 20 times and swallowed slowly …

Time: constantly for about 15 morning is cured, if the person being weighed should use during longer.

  1. Combine banana and honey stomach cure

According to the folk experience, green bananas was the medicines effective stomach. Especially if combined with honey will be a post cure stomach pains just cheap just more effective.

3 folk remedies can cure stomach ailments 3

Method: select the result of green pepper, non (when mucus is still in the side). After the removal of the outer shell, and then bring the water to soak into the plastic and less harsh, green bananas brought sliced thin, dried and ground into flour.

How to use: mix the flour and banana with honey, wash the small round members to drink or eat.

* Note to consult your doctor before taking

Do not be too dependent on the dose pharmacy forgetting some folk remedies handed down from many generations now. These are proven remedies and cure many diseases. I hope you use and get unexpected results from it