3 important note when the overseas Passport loss


You should report to the police and the diplomatic missions as fast as possible, then concern financial solutions.

Travel tips: 3 important note when the overseas Passport loss

This is a horrible situation for any tourist would, especially when you’re abroad. The loss of the Passport, in addition to the disadvantage of not able to check in on a plane on water, check in to the hotel … very dangerous for security reasons when no one to determine your identity. That’s not to mention the situation of someone taking advantage of your lost passport to do things illegal. By then, the Passport is an important document, any separation can not lose when abroad.

About the procedure:

In case of loss, the first job is to quickly inform local police agencies and diplomatic missions where Vietnam.

-Fill in the information on the form lost passport Passport form and email about the Consular Bureau (at the address cls.mfa@mofa.gov.vn) and Vietnam diplomatic missions where you are present, attached 2 photos size 4 × 6 cm. Submit the attached certificate copy of passport loss report of the police.

-Be present at representative body to work.

The information that you provide in the application report lost passports will be entered into the database of the Immigration Administration (Ministry of public security) and use value cancellation rights that Passport to most countries in the world. When the lost passport was cancelled, the Passport will not be recovered value, you cannot use the back if you find passport book. You need to apply for a new passport.


The time Vietnam representative body consider the reissuance of passports or passport:

-If you have to bring other papers proving citizenship Vietnam as identity, proof of your legitimate country entry (air ticket, entry declaration) within 5 working days, you will get back the passport if you continue to go to other countries; If you are on water will be granted.

-If you take the tour or group, missions, who accompanied the delegation to present a personal passport, confirm that you are a member of the delegation, you will be granted safe conduct on water within 24 hours.

-If you don’t have any other papers and not subject to the above, Vietnam representative body to conduct the verification. Time not exceeding 5 working days, you will be looked at again or passport.

In finance:

A lot of people take the Passport usually take along with for money. Or by the time the stay arises to passport beyond financial data to carry, that’s not to mention the free Passport, therefore, money issues also become major concerns.

If you go out with friends or relatives in the country, you don’t have to worry much because the Lady can still borrow money talk through them passport … However, in the case of a stem alone, you need self-advocacy by looking to the Bank or international money transfer services.

There are 2 options, you can look to Western Union made transfer received services from home. Or if the ownership of the bank account, you can also look to that Bank’s branch in the country where you are stopping to contact transfer.

Note on the internet:

In this case, you need the internet to lookup, find address, contact the Bank or contact the foreign agency. Not any place can also find free wifi waves. You can search to public buildings such as the Town Hall, the Tourist Office of the Government, the public office to use thanks to the wifi waves. You can also use the free wifi waves in fast food shops such as McDonalds, Terminal (usually limited to 15-30 minutes) or the cafe.