5 delicacies not to be missed when traveling to Taiwan


Taiwan is not a country of amazing food, but had a chance to come here, you should not ignore enjoy attractive delicacies here.

Super delicious food items will not regret when travel to Taiwan

1. Fresh fruits

“Overwhelming” is the word you will have exclaimed when seeing the stalls of fresh fruit plump beautifully furnished when visiting the market in Taipei. Each stall has dozens of fresh fruits such as guava, dragon fruit, tangerines, pears and whole durian anymore. If you do not like to eat fruit, you directly can choose to buy a glass of pure fruit juice delicious.


2. Drinks

Besides milk tea – drink too famous Taiwanese viewers know, then here you can be overwhelmed by a multitude of tasty drinks such as teas strange, sweet tea and special squash dish ” frog spawn “. Drinks with strange names even slightly scary this is essentially a tea drink with small pearl clusters look like frog eggs, frog eggs chewing clusters are chewy chewy crunchy taste.


3. The food street

Oyster omelet, eggs or egg roll sauce watering “iron” (eggs cooked in soy sauce and seasoning until hunting and black) are dishes super popular street in Taipei. If you do not like to eat eggs, you can try rotten tofu, fried squid or crab peeling. One note is the octopus soup here but was advertised as scrumptious delicious but actually it’s quite fishy with strangers.


4. The meat dishes

You can take all week to try out the super-tasty dishes made from meat in Taipei, is dumplings with minced meat and onions or sparkling black pepper puller is wrapped in plastic and then crust delicious fried chicken “promotion run”. Magic is the food in Taipei is always a harmonious combination between the meat and vegetable ingredients. For example, grilled sausages will be appetizers included the sweet skewers grilled mushrooms. If in the abdomen, you can eat beef noodles to a bowl, a minced meat served with rice productivity pickles radio type, or stuffed pig heart oysters government and other delectable dishes organs.


5. Dessert

Although there is no to little you can not ignore the delicious desserts in Taiwan. Topping the list is the type of government jelly ice, red bean, taro or sweet potato. Should you skip eating cakes drifting vessel in hot ginger water. Not to mention the most special rice cakes more pigs, cakes made from pork and rice information, mounted on sticks, each cake is coated with crunchy roasted peanuts.