5 delicious dishes to enjoy tea while traveling to Hanoi in the fall


You can eat in Hanoi tea at any time, but if not, it will be hard fall like nuggets of sticky banana or lotus seed longan taste standards.

5 delicious dishes to enjoy tea while traveling to Hanoi in the fall


Sticky crumb baked banana tea: from the food processing rustic gifts of autumn, banana crumb tea is usually served hot. Freshly baked banana-flavored sticky aromatic crispy fried green nuggets, fat coconut milk without sick. You can enjoy this dish at the tea shop on Hang Than, Cau Dong, Doi with prices from 20,000 a bowl.


Longan tea lotus seeds: Longan lotus seed capital is one of the earth porridge Hue picky now become quite popular in other regions, including Hanoi. Fresh lotus, labels have dry pulp, peeled white and sweet, just make porridge just ethereal folk. In Hanoi, longan lotus seed tea is “good gut” Ding coffee quality hotels. Or, you can enjoy tea in row 1A Bat Dan, No.4 Hang, 93 Hang Bac. Price 20,000 per glass.



Coconut grapefruit tea: Tea is a favorite food grapefruit many people coming to Hanoi so easy to eat, taste sweet. When you enjoy, you’ll feel deliciously crunchy taste of grapefruit pulp, soy-scented green workshops interspersed by sweet taste and coconut fat. This dish variations, combining different types of behavior, such as tea, grapefruit, grapefruit, corn tea. You can eat grapefruit tea after dinner at 14h to the famous shop located on Cua Bac Street, Hang Giay, Lane 9 Chew Hoe Ba Trieu street, Ngo Sy Lien marketplace … prices from 15,000 dong per glass.


Chestnut coconut tea: This type of tea is derived Thailand, attractive colors to taste. Inside the small coconuts of many eye-catching materials like plaster chestnut, palm nuts, jackfruit, coconut jelly … bring sweetness, fragrant coconut. The price is 45,000 dong a share, were sold in the 30 Han Thuyen tea.


Thai tea: Being familiar dishes but never downright suck the list of snacks in Hanoi, Thai tea can easily be found in any markets or territories bustling snacks. Some content available tea in the cup for grinding stones. However, Thai tea in style must be put in bowl. Familiar place for diners to enjoy this dish lies in Nam Dong Market, or Thai tea Han Thuyen Street, Hang Giay, Cat Linh … 15000-25000 copper prices. Old tea shop on Tran Hung Dao Street 1976 also serves Thai tea bowl with a similar price is VND40,000 per cup.