5 things you should know to get the perfect picnic


You are looking forward to a trip for the whole family during the weekend, some members are very excited, and what preparation you access to those in fully enjoying family fun picnic together

5 things you should know to have the perfect picnic when family tourism

Choose the right outfit


Please choose yourself the most comfortable outfit.

This is the time for rest, relaxation and fun should you select the stars for comfort, ease of mobility. You also don’t make an expensive suits because when outdoor activities you can will stick to a few stains or other unexpected incidents may cause damage to your outfit. If the best dress you choose long skirts as maxi. This helps you go back, sit, lie are easier, do not choose the skirt too short will cause inconvenience for you when sitting.

Make a list of things to bring

Let’s make a list of things to do, need to prepare for this trip to avoid the condition in half the way you remember remember, the lack of the other. For snacks to carry the best you should soak wash, Peel, cut and preserved them in clean boxes from home, to the place where the picnic you just enjoy them without loss of time for the preparation of food. If you remember the sea carry hats, sunscreen, sunglasses … Also go to the forest you remember to bring the drugs to avoid insects … In summary keep up active list and prepared before hand, to bring supplies from the previous 1-2 days. Avoid close up you new “stalk” preparation.

Bring towels


A linen sheet will help you avoid many problems that you don’t anticipate.

This is what people usually very forgetful. Whether the family you choose for excursions is the beach or the park or anywhere you should also carry a sheet of linen to sit and presentation of food to clean. The sitting directly, so the background of sand, soil, grass can cause many problems that you don’t foresee as being insect bites, dirty clothes …

Bring food trays

Except the case you choose has available seating, desk areas also do not you should follow a tray to food packaging. Usually when sitting on the can will not flat, this can cause the cans of beer, the wine was poured. So, bring a small tray to place food, drink up for clean and delicious eyes.



Please remove your work aside and enjoy the ride along the whole family.

The last thing you need to do then is enjoy this excursion. You can bring a magazine, a book or an article, flag of billionaires … so the whole family can play together in a way it’s good looks and comfort. This is the period of time you should stay away from cell phones, Tablet … and immerse yourself in the outdoor play activities with the whole House.