6 night culinary addresses ‘pocket’ travel to Hanoi


The diner Tong Duy Tan street, alley or flung Hong Phuc Loc in Ta Quang Buu as crowded as late night, even served in the morning.

6 night culinary addresses ‘pocket’ travel to Hanoi

6-night-culinary-addresses-pocket-travel-to-hanoi-1Chicken rice Tong Duy Tan: Mention dishes in Hanoi late, people will think of the Tong Duy Tan street cuisine with restaurants open all night sale, numerous diners. The most famous dish in this neighborhood is the chicken fried rice island with prices ranging from 80,000 to 120,000 dong interest. The frequency chicken, chicken noodle, chicken porridge, porridge through the night birds also serve diners.

Phung Hung Lau: Called “hotpot night city”, Phung Hung Street signs closely with all kinds of hot pot restaurants: chicken, duck braised crocodile, seafood, beef, hearts, fish, mixed, pot Hong Kong, Sichuan … price from VND 300,000 pot.

Barbecue Under the Bridge: Running along the Long Bien bridge, stretching from the city to the Phung Hung Tran Nhat Duat Street called Gam Cau. In the daytime, there are shops selling shoes. When lights up, the shops along the street are fragrant barbecue grills. Here is rich of raw materials such as: heart, stomach, colon, neck jar, barbecue available year … or diners themselves grilled on charcoal fire. The bake shop in Bridge Street Gam increasingly more crowded late at night, especially when the weather is chilly.

Bun Hang Khoai snails: snail sidewalk noodle seller 24/24 Hang Khoai is a favorite for those who want to explore the culinary Hanoi late at night. Plump noodle bowl with mixed nuts, sausage, beef and duck egg. Water used quite spicy but tasty, with an acidity so little bowl of rice noodles to tasting. The price is 50,000-60,000 dong a bowl, which is fairly high, but compared to the old town and the quality of food, it is considered worthy. Photo: Thuy Anh.

Fish Bun Hang Dau: Before Hong Phuc Lane near Hang Dau boots only a fish noodle restaurant, guests are always busy from morning to late night out on. Today there are a few shops open, selling 24/24 makes alleys become familiar nocturnal addresses in Hanoi. The soup here is quite plump fish, fish meat, fried golden, fried fish and sour broth thin and soothing, delicious. A fish bowl noodle prices from 30,000 dong, served pretty quickly.

Ta Quang Buu Loc sticky: During the past 18 years, the address bar is eating away Loc familiar night in the area of Technology, the open sale from 6pm until morning. If at 11-12h to shop late, you will have to queue waiting their turn. Consistency is flung away by the traditional white, served with all kinds of rolls, meat, eggs, sausage, sautéed mushrooms Char siu chicken with a power rating from 15,000 contracts. Diners often called full capacity 35,000 contracts, with julienne papaya and melon served with vegetables to help bored.