9 Note to always feel safe when travelling alone


Traveling alone can bring to many exciting experience but can also encounter the dilemmas related to sexual harassment, especially for women.Here are some tips for single journey that you are about to perform to stay awake and focused on the safety of ourselves.

Research before the trip

9 Note to always feel safe when travelling aloneYou need to learn this information carefully before travel.

The attitude of men towards women in that country? Women dress? They often prepare anything before going out with a man? You need to know this information before traveling. In addition, you should also consider some other issues related to gender, religion, even as the rate of offenders to have panoramic view of the land will come.

Don’t answer the whistle

In some countries, the whistling is considered normal, but the reaction may generate some negative situations. Please try to refrain from emotional compression and move quickly out of that area. You should not step into the slum unless travelling with a local people that you know very well.

The risks, especially harassment happens everywhere

You think the rape only happens in the Middle East, Asia or India? A brief survey on the Internet shows, even in developed countries such as South Korea, Australia, Spain, England, New Zealand also happened the same status. We did not anticipate was the worst situation when it would appear, but pay attention to what is going on and believe in the notion of the self to ensure safety.

Catch a taxi safety

9 Note to always feel safe when travelling alone -2Please record the phone number of a prestigious car maker and call them when needed.

Please record the phone number of a prestigious car maker and call them when needed, instead of waving a cab from the sidewalk.

Say ‘ no ‘ in a powerful way

Sometimes, you will encounter the paddle pulling attractive like take you to the Park, or a terrace with beautiful views, landscapes or even stay for free in their homes. You should bravely say “no” and do not worry about his unfriendly behavior.

Do not go to the second place

Most of the perpetrators of sexual harassment are taken victims to other locations where they feel safe when making his behavior. When someone suggested take you to somewhere alone, be denied and the decision to stay in a public place.

Prestige residence selection

It can be a wonderful experience of living with the indigenous people. But to ensure the safety of yourself, you should choose a reputable shelter, registered business.

Don’t be a stranger with bed

9 Note to always feel safe when travelling alone -3Need to choose a place to stay good instead of in bed with strange guys.

Emerging as a trend, more and more homeowners are willing to open the door to welcome guests to stay. Instead of sharing with a stranger, in a place you don’t know, the better you should choose a hotel to stay.

Please come to the Embassy when bad situations happen

When bad things happen, you keep calm and to the Embassy of his country before the police. Some situations shows that sometimes the local police are not reliable. As in the case of a Dutch tourist was convicted of adultery when the newspapers condemn rape in Qatar; or in France two policemen have been accused of rape in a Canadian traveller. So, let’s go straight to the Embassy of his country to receive the advice and protect until you arrived home safely.