Ang charming pine forest as the Dalat in Northwest


Located on Moc Chau Plateau., where it shows up as a picture wearing, mist unfurl fanciful, dreamlike scenery.

Ang charming pine forest as the Dalat in Northwest


Pine forest east of Ang Sang Commune, Moc Chau District, Son La Province, measuring 43 hectares with a combination of two types of information is local information and Dalat, and 5 hectares of natural lake. To come here, from Moc Chau town center, you travel along Highway 43 about 2 km.


One example here as miniature Dalat Northwest, with towering green pines, strong vertical vast stretches of land in the hills brown red feralit create natural landscape ravishing. Photo: Primrosept.


Ang pine forest has a mild climate, fresh air feeling relaxed, comfortable making beautiful forests to become more lovable, more attractive. The floor is sticky looming, looming forms the backdrop shimmering, magical.


Here you will feel the weather changing all four seasons in one day. Early morning, the sink in the mist. Noon, blazing sunshine as summer day. Afternoon down, a still lake, the sun shone down like autumn light. At night, the mist unfurl cold wind of winter.


Here, you can camp in a pine forest, or rent a bicycle tour around the woods sometimes, walk or cycle along the lake to enjoy duck fresh air, watching the scenery at sunset, dawn up, taking pictures Madness.


Not only are strawberries Dalat. Just 1 km way pine forest, planted a garden of orchids and strawberries out to create a new experience for this trip interesting. Berry red ripe strawberries are cared for, smelled sexy, sweet and sour taste, the only cool bar in November to December 4. You can manually picking strawberries and enjoy them.


Ban Ang has many rental houses on stilts with a price of 60,000 dong. At night, the villagers often organize campfire, cultural exchange, enjoy specialties such as rice, this place, bacon, fish, bamboo … You can also bring a tent camp in the forest and buy skewers of pork grilled to order.