Bread soup shop famous for nearly 20 years in Nha Trang


To the coastal city of Nha Trang, one of the dishes you can not ignore is the fried fish cake soup. Located on Yersin, Thua her bread soup is well known not only thanks to its special flavor waters, but also has nearly 20 years of seniority. Guests to the restaurant with both locals and tourists, who also ate delicious admiring.

Bread soup shop famous for nearly 20 years in Nha Trang 1

Delicious bread soup bowl attract diners to Nha Trang. Photo: Phong Vinh.

It is particularly interesting that many people in her shop Thua fiber bread soup is not the same in any place. Microfiber like stalks Phnom Penh noodles are cooked to expand, there is a certain toughness. Fiber bread into a bowl for not too much should not see bored, healthy person should eat more fresh food is no.

Fish broth is cooked, flavored and aromatic flavor bars in the complex. When you eat, you can add slices of lemon and chili sauce to add stronger taste.

Served with bread soup bowl she Thua will indispensable dish fried fish with onions and chili sauce. Fish cakes made from fresh fish and toughness should be smooth, do not eat sick. This is also typical of fried fish in Nha Trang.

Bread soup shop famous for nearly 20 years in Nha Trang 2

Fishcakes fragrant dai is the highlight of this dish. Photo: Phong Vinh.

Pick up the little onion patties and place in the mouth to enjoy, you will feel moderately salty and especially spicy than usual. If not then you should eat spicy speaking with the waiter at the restaurant.

Shop space including 2 small huts arranged a few plastic tables and chairs low. Do not shop too large, crowded up the heat again. The waiter here very quickly, but if you arrive late you have to wait a little longer for their turn to be the new “poker collapse” bread soup bowl.

Dawn of the household began to move goods and selling for nearly 10 hours, or all the holiday cake. The price for a bowl of noodles is VND15,000 and more fried fish section is 5,000 dong.

Bread soup shop famous for nearly 20 years in Nha Trang 3

In her shop Thua, sometimes you have to take some time to find a new to enjoy the cuisine. Photo: Phong Vinh.

“I went to Saigon to study and work for more than 4 years, but every time I go home to eat the bowl of noodles to Thua her. Here was tasty bread soup, fried fish where even not as good, the water should be eating them again to 2, 3 automakers see was, “Your share Huu Duyen, a Nha Trang.

Place sweet broth with soft plastic fishcakes with spicy air, the concentration will help you feel cool in the heat arcade stick amortization of coastal Nha Trang.