Cancer medicines post thanks leaves coucal


The story of the cure of cancer patients thanks to eat the leaves are coucal “hot” in Asia. does the tree have in coucal “mission” rescued people who have cancer or not?

There is a tree which grows naturally hardly known, suddenly famous and Asian people hunt already, even the “bay” to take Malaysia to meet the right people has it that “escaped”.

Case 1

Ms Vuong Tu Cam (Chinese), is patient with ovarian cancer stage 3. After 10 months of troubling disease detection to the last stages of cancer. Under the guidance of you she has no hesitation which immediately buy plane tickets go Penang, moving to Taiping (Malaysia) to find him with his hopes will also lucky as he was.

Cancer medicines post thanks leaves coucal 1

Method: Eating the leaves on 10 consecutive coucal. Please a wrapped leaf take home drink next add 5 more days.


In the last second before chemotherapy when CA125 tests, only sister of sick fell 45%, tumor size 4 * 5 cm has also disappeared. Before chemotherapy, doctors asked my sister has suffered hair loss, but she said the hair was no loss phenomena such as the cancer patients are chemotherapy others. The doctor confirmed, the third chemotherapy will be very heavy, the hair will definitely fall, however, after chemotherapy, the hair she continued to keep safe. Continue chemotherapy times 4, index your CA125 blood test came back normal, the current index dropped 16.8 (whereas the safety index of ordinary people is under 30). Her disease has progressed very well, according to the initial treatment of the disease are chemotherapy is 6 times but only made to fourth is can stop for good healing effect.

Accordingly, she brought a little tree on planting at home, continue to eat more within 4 weeks to enhance preventive effects.

The story used cancer cure coucal trees have not been scientifically validated

In addition to the case of Ms. Vuong, currently in Malaysia have so many cancer patients perform this healing way. Mr Luu said, hundreds of calls every day asking to buy electric leaf coucal. The effect of the cancer patient was coucal tree written private 1 blog page to share with the community. These cases demonstrate a fraud a fraud leaves can cure the cancer are also social networking sites give much information. But at the same time advised readers that every disease condition is different so this is not a drug is recognized by science. At present scientists in Taiwan, Thailand and many other countries also have interest in research on the effect of the tree but not yet launched coucal final conclusions.

Cancer medicines post thanks leaves coucal 2

The tree can coucal found in Vietnam

Coucal tree (scientific name is Clinacanthus nutans, named monkey bone, pieces plus). This is the kind of small tree, grows into dust, which can grow to 3 m. Raw short stalks, leaves, leaves the surface slightly smooth, dark green color. The trees are sprouting wild quite common in many rural areas of Vietnam and Asia. red or pink Flowers, weeping in the flame, the corolla has two lips, the lower lip has 3 teeth, anthers yellow, green image trùy about 1 cm long, petioles short, contain four seeds.

Effect: according to traditional medicine, the tree has sweet taste coucal, computer, sound effects can (cool the liver), and make sure (increased secretion of bile), reduction of stasis, the thũng, only the (pain). The study also showed that the plant contains many coucal vitamins, minerals, tannins, flavon glycosid, cerebrosid’s, and herpes treatment has the effect of glycerol in the margin, mouth.

How to use the

Vegetables lightly scented coucal, can be eaten raw (hard to eat) and mainly used to boil or cook soup. Today the usual coucal vegetables eaten with fish hot pot hot pot, meat or soup with Minced pork, shrimp, crab soup is very delicious and rich nutrition.

Cancer medicines post thanks leaves coucal 3

If you’re contracted cancer, apply try leaf watch coucal. However, consider, note before using to achieve better efficiency.