Constructing a mess bun delicious not having money is edible in Phu Quoc


n Phu Quoc have a delicious rustic dishes that every guest had to wait a long time to eat, “hustle enthusiasm” and exudes both newly eating sweat, which is noodles stir Architecture Building.

Architecture Building delicious noodle stir not have money is edible in Phu Quoc

Referring to Phu Quoc cuisine usually everyone just think of the expensive seafood dishes, but those who came to this island then never forget that affordable food, but resist the lure is “vermicelli stir” .

Bun stirring is essentially a variation of shrimp noodles Binh Dinh, Kon Tum or water noodles, only the name and a slightly different way. This dish is characteristic of extremely fresh ingredients, noodles do not buy at the market, but by doing on-site restaurant. Rice flour is soaked until soft, pureed, vo into blocks and then to the presses, noodles straight from the presses on a boiling pot of water boiling on the stove.


In Phu Quoc you note only a single stirring Bun, which is called Knowledge Building. Coming here, you will be surprised to find occasion unique spectacle: customers get everything homemade. Crowded bar, patrons will understand “want to eat when she fell into the kitchen.” Sauce spices including salt, sugar, Phu Quoc pepper, MSG, chili, available switches are for guests coming to the kitchen automatically sauce according to your taste. Knife cutting board to chop peppers, there is only one rule, but around the kitchen always has held dozens of waiting, the other foreign people quickly chopped the air should always bustling, fun.


The stage finished sauce, but diners may not yet be at the table where her by waiting longer to make noodle shop owner again. Since no waiter diners queuing up to wait their turn, otherwise it is impossible to get noodles to eat. And to witness the process of making noodles, you will automatically answer is why this dish is called noodle stir. Fried shrimp, fried fish will be swept up around the bowl, then the noodles into the broth and chan, immediately stir into noodle bowl stir is “just blowing taste”. Point made noodle dishes are delicious stir Architecture Building because fried fish rolls and fresh shrimp. And then re-made bun right at the bar.


Architecture Building noodle stir-old has more than 20 years. Small shops, substandard, no signs, but delicious address is nực. 19g daily right up her new owner to move goods for sale, but the new 1830 customers continue to sit in front continent because … fear full.

Noodle bowl to quality, to give up a lot of shrimp, fish prices only from 10,000 to 30,000 depending on the type, who was feeling rather eat this soup is also very good sense solutions, vermicelli pains pepper and scallions, eat out sweating is cured, the more shrimp, fish should be more nutritious than rice soup felt the normal practice. Many people joked, who has a cold coming on crowded, waiting to obtain noodle bowl is sweating profusely, from eating well all patients.



Architecture Building noodle stir here famous not only for flavor, delicious, because the price is too low but because by air very own shop. Customer order into the kitchen scene cut cut, cut state, then jostled, “scrambled” here it is difficult to find elsewhere. If you’re looking for fine dining bistro, casual, relaxed joyful atmosphere should to try and ensure food once nostalgic remembering, not forgetting.

Driving directions: From Duong Dong Market, Tran Phu street you go straight through the intersection of Tran Phu – Cach Mang Thang 8 500m, met Gia An pharmacy, turn on the alley side of the house is 200m long medication arrives.