Crab soup cake shop actually smoking 40 years tourist visiting Saigon


Situated between districts 1, crab soup with bread shop price of VND35,000 a bowl, always crowded living out in the past 40 years.

Crab soup cake shop actually smoking 40 years tourist visiting Saigon

Food “default” in the shredded crab soup cake shop, more shrimp, fried, blood tempting. Bread soup bowl with slightly thick broth of crab dark yellow, not red coloring, rolls made from mackerel and squint with charming waterfall. The soup broth taste of crab, shrimp and pork stew. Shrimp and crabs are also very fresh and make meat. Served with the sauce cup sauce from pure chili pepper, thinly shredded tongue.

Shredded crab cake soup bowl priced at 35,000 dong.

Most visitors to the shop will be carried out this car shippers, while a half-crab soup cake, only to call patrons know more, because food is not advertised.

Since the shop is crowded, especially at noon always tight table, eat afternoon visitor would perhaps lacking something in the bread soup bowl and then stop selling to 7pm for all materials. There are only 4 hours on peak days were sold out. By featured dish is related to seafood, prepared every day shop is only a certain amount of raw material, do not add to the excess over the following days.

Glass containers sold only fresh ingredients of the day.

Said the current innkeeper, her mother opened the restaurant was nearly 40 years last year and she took over nearly a decade. Her original country western cake soup she cooked up a bit sweet, with South tastes but if the visitors from the north do not necessarily love.

Shop on Ngo Duc Ke, somewhat substandard compared to the central area, there are no charges for wifi and iced tea. A bowl of bread price is 35,000 dong car door, add half of the crab is 50,000. In addition to selling more bread soup with crab spring rolls and noodles Phnom Penh.

Besides bread soup, spring rolls 8000 price is also love.