These delicacies are “poached” when traveling in Nha Trang


Not only famous for its beautiful beaches, as if to embrace curving turquoise bay, Nha Trang also attracts tourists by the renowned delicacies like bread soup, roast beef lui, fish noodles, wonton noodles , baked rolls.

These delicacies are “poached” when traveling in Nha Trang

Bread soup

Being famous dishes of Nha Trang Sea pearls, fish ball soup cake is one of the renowned cuisine of the coastal city with two main components are fiber bread soup and fried fish. Nha Trang bread soup own flavor with fried slices fried fish is eaten.

These delicacies are poached when traveling in Nha Trang 1

Diners can hardly refrain before breaking bread soup bowl with cilantro aroma blend together sweet flavor from the bones.

Fish cakes made from a wide variety of fish such as marlin, mackerel until snapper, sardines … Fill bread soup made with full main raw material gold fish cakes, pork thin, crispy aromatic meat eggs members salty and spicy sauce, sweet sauce, chili, contribute to a more attractive dish.

Grilled beef lui

Is a very tasty dish, attracted by the smell of grilled meat on charcoal, grilled beef lui suitable for cool weather days in the coastal city of Nha Trang.

These delicacies are poached when traveling in Nha Trang 2

Lui eat grilled beef with assorted vegetables such as tomatoes cool bar, onions marinated in vinegar, salad feels very strange mouth and put the rice.

Marinated beef after honey and other essential spices placed on a stove hot charcoal grill about 15 minutes. When cooked, dishes emit fragrant, sizzling sound on the fire burning fat that many diners pink hearts be difficult to stop.

Fish noodles

As rustic dishes, simple people of Nha Trang, fish noodles seemed to have presence in most of the corners to the luxury restaurant. As waters with many attractive specialty should always fresh fish here.

These delicacies are poached when traveling in Nha Trang 3

Fish noodle bowl with attractive colors, the water used in parts, very tasty plus the coast is the highlight of this dish.

While enjoying the food, the taste of the raw materials will blend together, including natural sweetness, not the fried fish marinated powder, crunchy taste of soft jelly and aromatic, exotic fish beams … Still However, you can add a little vinegar bar bar, fragrant pepper or chili sauce to taste dishes that are fuller.

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Wonton noodles

Travel Nha Trang, travelers do not forget to taste wonton noodles – one of the famous dishes of the coastal city. A full bowl of pasta not much but enough to dispel your ravenous hunger after playing, struggling under the cool sea waters.

These delicacies are poached when traveling in Nha Trang 4

Wonton noodles help diners feel like returning to childhood with the delicious dishes cooked by the mother’s hand.

Diners attractions of this dish is the tasty flavor of the broth. While enjoying food, you can feel the taste, sweet broth beside Char siu puller soft and aromatic sparkling. All create a unique taste of rustic dishes but seemed very attractive.

Baked rolls

One dish is simple, made from ingredients including rice paper, raw vegetables, meat and soy dots lui baked rolls but gives back to enjoy some specialties of the region.

Making baked rolls, people often choose the type of ham, mixed with washing pigskin was shaved clean, finely chopped before grinding, add a little sugar, seasoning, pepper marinated with spices and then the absorbed crumpled long, then skewers into the prepared bamboo sticks, grilled over charcoal rose gold.

These delicacies are poached when traveling in Nha Trang 5

Nha Trang baked rolls flavored bodied, Footbinding all visitors.

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Baked rolls can look over not made much impression with diners but the food attraction lies in its taste. Delicious dishes degree of dependence on relatively dots accompanying bowl. This is the secret of its own to make up the quality and taste of the dish, making diners feel all the attractiveness of the dish.