Experience travel and shopping in Bangkok-Thailand


Travel and shopping in Bangkok is attractive destination of Vietnam, to trip was fun, you try to see the tip that offline wikitravelfoods.com provided below:


1. Always carry your passport to your body, not to share the money or documents or to withdraw to the other drawn.

2. What to buy international phone cards of Thailand (yellow), dial the phone at public places, much cheaper price (lowest cards: 300 Thai baht). Dialing from Thailand to Hanoi: 001-84-code or the 0-some provinces to call. If the call to the mobile number: 001-84-number to call (the 0 before No. 9). If your mobile phone has an international network (roaming), the next machine will automatically find Thailand’s Thai networks.



3. your phone recorded the Embassy Gates his country in Thailand, when unexpected circumstances happen.

Or contact the TAT (Tourism authorities in Thailand), the organization is more open and enthusiastic, are generally sympathetic, +66 2250 5500.

Address Embassy in Thailand VN: 83/1 Wireless Road, Pathumwan, BKK 10330; Tel: 0-2251-5836-7-8; Fax: 0-2251-7203; Email: vnembassy@bkk.a-net.net.th.

Book room:

You can see on wikitravelfoods.com room rates, hotel we’d have 437 per night prices ranging from 300,000 VND. Refer to the list of hotels in Bangkok

When leaving the hotel, suitcases in the room to be locked. The key to prevention is always sent back to the hotel.

Before leaving, pre-printed ticket and check-in hotel voucher, while about the same.

Address visit:


Hotel Grand Palace

Grand Palace is a very good point to go see, nice and wide, see also the end of one session. Once in the palace, temples, note should wear long clothing (if not the clothes rental costs).

– Park Dream World

If there are children, the park Dream World is worth going 1 address, it is miniature Disneyland, more beauty, thrills and games especially show “Hollywood action”.

And there are many temples and other interesting places.

Where to go shopping? (This is the most attractive section)



Remember: all shops and supermarkets is only open from 10 – 10:30 am (a few may open from 9.30am). Market is open sooner.

– Clothing affordable then the Pratunam or Platinum (The Mall fashion); Pantip Plaza electronically, this 2 adjacent Pratunam.

– Clothing and jewelry, high-end appliances: Siam. This area supermarket chain chic, pretty, buy less, but it sure is worth watching as Siam Center, Siam Paragon, Central World … Private Zone Central World has all kinds of world brand name here, such as Marks and Spencer, CK, Zara, Next, Miss 60, Guess, MNG, Axara …

– The big supermarket: can see on the map, in many places has focused several supermarkets within easy walking distance from the supermarket the other to the other supermarkets. A supermarket is impossible not to MBK, selling everything from clothing, jewelry, household items, furniture and moderate, electronics … and pretty ornaments lovely luck, sold upstairs After all, cheap.

– The other supermarkets are up to (each with two or three females in Bangkok, positions are indicated on the map): Lotus Texaco, Center, Robinson, Big C (if you buy it as a gift on the super marketing is the most stable)

– Chatuchak Weekend Market, also on the map, too. A lot of ornaments and jewelry houses (especially silver). Beautiful and slightly expensive at all (although the market is pretty affordable). You do not look porcelain iron furniture is dead like the porters on that charge money too. Open from 8h-18h approximately 6.7 minutes, CN (6th own wholesale). Away from central Bangkok Skytrain Chatuchak should go by (Skytrain), medium fast, each guilty to queue if you go during peak hours only.


Modern vibrant markets

– Market Suan Lum Night Bazaar, impossible not to. Open daily from about 18h30-24h. Sale of clothes, shoes bags light dishes Extra bottles bedcover flute pictures …… shelf box. This market selling counterfeit swimsuits European samples, reasonable price. The downside is that almost no room to try clothes. See which always not satisfied, then buy back the 2nd view is where much easy optimism.

– Patpong: meeting market every night, watching the main, full of counterfeit goods bargain prices that.Neu know they can afford.

– Chinatown and Pahurat market: who needs to buy auto parts, motorcycles here could not help with anything. But note that this market virtually weekend break, sales at stores open.

– Khao San Road: selling a lot of “nation”, silverware, but to buy new cheap wholesale, retail also are more expensive to buy in VN. Thai general trade at extremely pleasant. Question their mouth is “have a look first” (just look away already), comfortably see and try, only do not buy it, they practice by saying “thank you”.

Eat what?


Many exotic cuisine

– Do not try to eat Thai food that spicy (if you’re unfamiliar). Dining should always enlist in the hypermarkets. 4 or 5 floors are often the food town with dozens of foods, including map VN; enough desserts and beverages. Generally range 45-50k / person is delicious; also cheaper. Almost by coupon payment, when to eat and buy coupon if exhausting can not refund back.

– At the end of the day to do two or three cups of yogurt and 1 bottle of La Vie loud at Seven 11 (Minimart chains are everywhere in Bangkok, cheap, open daily to 23 o’clock at night) to the hotel to eat.

– On the walkway can buy on the street selling fruit like mangosteen, durian.

Money change

– Foreign currency exchange everywhere, exchange rate differences may be slight but generally not worth much. You can change at Siam Commercial Bank or to change planes should always 1 less to have money to pay for a taxi to the hotel and board for guest porters san.Neu map can not change in Bangkok Exchange Co..Ltd at 122 / 48 Rachaprarop Rd. Phayathi, Rajthewee atunum, Bangkok.1040.Ngay Pratunum markets.

– Spend money to where it was altered to avoid spending all change much when the dollar has to reverse the loss of 2 times the damage.

– If possible credit or debit card, the best carrying, carrying large amounts of cash may fall, lost or confused. Of course, still have to have the cash to pay in places where no imprint.

What goes?


Diverse transportation

– If you are unfamiliar roads, every taxi that passes, (meter box to see if it is on the roof not go away) Cheaper and more comfortable Vietnam. Travel from airport to hotel and vice versa of course take a taxi, all about 400-500 baht only.

– If you know the way, go tuk tuk, every quarter severance expense. But the good doctor solicited his tuk tuk to some jewelry center for visitors to the doctor’s instructions will be petrol coupons. Need to go clear on the map or carry out are to be.

– When shopping, remember to bring: card of the hotel (at about just giving driving, help explain a lot).