International visitors praised Vietnam’s ‘Food Paradise’


Vietnam street food is increasingly popular and affirmed its attractiveness in the eyes of international tourists.

The diverse selection of dishes with flavors and different way of enjoying caused CNNGo, a prestigious American newspapers have praised Vietnam’s “food paradise”. Meanwhile prestigious travel magazine World – Lonely Planet also named Vietnam as one of 10 tours considerable culinary experience in the world.


Recently, the international media names such as National Geographic and Planet also offers photographs amusing the street sells bread, the Street vendors selling her food or fruits of Vietnam to introduce to the world about a small country but it is an attractive destination for visitors to experience the street food.


city Vietnam was American journalist named “food heaven”

Not only attractive but also dishes fairly cheap Vietnam, led many foreign visitors by surprise. Each of the city, the countryside, the village has its own specialty dishes minh.Va the country are factors that make up the hobby of guests interested in exploring the charming destinations in Vietnam. Many of the articles in major newspapers, or the impressive share on personal blogs of the guests western Vietnam cuisine can be found. It seems to them the image of the man sitting on a plastic trades included along the sidewalks to enjoy favorite dishes are not strangers anymore.

Mike Tatarski, a tourist had 2 years in Vietnam and enjoy the street food here has shared that street cuisine is so simple that you just go and pick a seat on the couch plastic and enjoy. But really it is worth the experience. He added: “Perhaps the image of street vendor in Vietnam only activated. The hawk their goods has become a unique characteristic of Vietnam’s tourism image. The rhythm was the rapture like that of a person who is singing. ”


One of the most interesting things while enjoying dishes of Vietnam in a small shop that’s roadside you can observe the rhythm of local people: a group of men sitting around a table together drinking beer and talk about football or work, another corner, their children are playing games with each other, and the waiter is waiting for passengers joking while calling for more food. The guests can completely alien to their chosen dish after seeing what the locals are enjoying. Maybe so any language barrier or cultural dissent is no longer a problem anymore as they all are in “food paradise” with fresh and delicious food and creative.


Page Lonely Planet advised their readers to participate in a walking tour of Hanoi with the tour guide to be able to enjoy the specialties here and do not forget their famous dishes mentioned as Pho beef, pancakes, Gone …


Image foreign visitors enjoy sitting sidewalk food in Vietnam is no stranger anymore. Some food experts commented that Vietnam cuisine attracts tourists with the freshness of vegetables and fruits. It is not greasy like Chinese food and less spicy than Thai food. CNNGo Page also stressed that Americans have a mobile food store, but Vietnam is the real “food paradise”. There is no place to own a diverse culinary background as in Vietnam.