Kimchi soup delicious hot rice cold day


In cold winter day a hot bowl of kimchi soup delicious dinner will contribute to the more cozy family!


For kimchi soup you need to prepare the following materials:

– Peanut oil 30ml

– 2 chopped scallions

– 1 cup cabbage kimchi

– 48g fermented soybean concentrates doenjang

– Concentration gochujang chili 24g

– 50g chopped carrots

-1 Liter of chicken broth

– 15ml soy sauce

– 15ml alcohol


Step 1:

Kimchi soup delicious hot rice cold day 1
Heat the cooking oil, kimchi and scallions finely chopped on both islands. Until you hear the pancake in the pot then simmer about 1 minute more. For fermented soybean and chili next condensed into the pot.
Step 2:
Stir the soy and chilli are clinging on kimchi. Then you fry the chopped carrot general. Add chicken broth to boil prepared high heat until soithi for soy sauce, wine and sugar on the island.
Step 3:
Kimchi soup delicious hot rice cold day 3
Add mushrooms, fresh bean curd, fried tofu, tofu fish. Cook until mushrooms are ripe.

Step 4:
Kimchi soup delicious hot rice cold day 4

Add eggs, green onions, spinach is cooked by boiling in a pot.

Finished product:


Kimchi soup this way processing sour spicy, warm, delicious food is very suitable for cold winter days. Good luck!