Mom 4 “way” superfast delicious porridge for babies


Just going to just take a small child stars for integrity both of the road is always a problem to cause trouble for a lot of young mothers. In particular, for the sisters work on doing 8 hours then the soup recipe to cook for you a pot of delicious porridge every day become more “impossible”. So many parents have the choice of purchasing nutritious porridge are available for children. However, for baby use cooked porridge out every so often don’t ensure hygiene and food origin.

On the other hand, if I use the method of cooking porridge made of aluminum or stainless steel pot usually will spend so much time soup porridge that sometimes stir porridge was still ongoing Khe island. Please mom tips 4 how to cook porridge sure enough quick criteria-cheap!

The principle:

-To Cook the quinces and tasty porridge is the mother should cook twice. Once on the previous evening and 1 times the next morning.

-Porridge should be cooked a bit special, so when the product can store East used many times. In addition, possible add water for diluting just to your liking rather than diluted porridge is often very difficult to “fix”.

  1. Cook porridge with rice cooker

Clean and wash the rice into the pot, pour just enough water. The cooking rice. The broth until boiling porridge, warming mode, switch to 15 minutes and then unplug the power. The next morning before cooking, parents should check the amount of water in the pot was not enough. If the porridge, parents can add water, stir well. Turn the button to cook again. 15 minutes after the porridge will nine quinces.


  1. Cook porridge made of glass bowls vases

Here is how simple and “field” or are the old days the mom she applied. I’il take care sessions before bed, wash the rice mother clean, drain, and then give in Binh Thuy. The amount of rice occupies about 1/3 of the average. Heat, hot water, pour water into the same with rice. Parents note should not pour water overflowing because the rice will also constitute an area swells in the average. Sealed lid to through one night, the next morning my mother will have a scented porridge.


Small Tip: use the round form low bowls thermos, wide neck for easy washing and cleaning the jar clean.

  1. Cook porridge with gas cookers

The seemingly normal little way everybody knows but many parents turn cooktop gas consuming medium continuous porridge again easy to porridge was Khe. Actually, I just let the rice into the pot, just enough water and fire, wait until the porridge boiling, then turn off the stove. The next morning before going to work, I turn the stove up again, for the meat or fish optionally with chopped shrimp is the son had immediately a great nutritional breakfast.


  1. Cook porridge by the Cup

My mother used to spoon the rice amount needed to Cook, swung into the Cup and then wash clean. Decanting off the water wash the rice, pour just enough water (with the new baby weaning, the ratio is usually 1: water-porridge: 10). Put the Cup into the rice cooker Cook in common with his family. Parents pay attention if using plastic cups do not touch rice cooker Cup bottom which should up grade to cooked rice for the whole House. Press the button to Cook rice. After the rice-brewed more porridge, cooked about 15-20 minutes. So when both home to rice meal then Cup your baby porridge is also ready.


Thanks 4 the method of simple porridge cooking on the steaming stew work, hassle of a busy young mother has become so simple. Quickly apply try to have these delicious porridge pot, attractive for kids! Good success.

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