Nam Du Island Travel Guide details from A to Z


To ward off the cold rain in the springtime in the North or appease the heat of the South, come to a wild island extremely beautiful but are light.

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Nam Du archipelago is the most remote of Kien Hai District (Kien Giang), 83 km from Rach Gia by sea. Nam Du are still wild place, with 21 large and small islands, nature is cleverly arranged. Large chunks of small, high and low of each island are interwoven, forming a solid ball in the ocean looks very nice. Islands under the management of An Son and Nam Du Commune.


Nam Du archipelago beautiful when viewed from above. 

In Nam Du, Hon widest Cu Tron with 9 km2, is the smallest island of Hon Lo (200 m2), people living in Cu concentrate Tron, blood and Hon Bo Hon Dam. Each name islands, beaches, slopes here are its anecdotes. Standing on top of intercepted radio in Big Island with more than 300 m elevation can see each small island than the color pierce Do Nai, Nai turned to Bo Dam Chengdu; Hon Lo dam shore pulled back; Hon Ngang Islet to slaughterhouses; Touching turned to the Hon Ngang Islet; Hon use the same on Hon Dau; Hon Dau located flanking Skip Austria; Austria dropped backwards off Hon Ong; Hon Ong Island Dam thunderstorms; Hon Tre Hon Dam crashed; Te to Hon Tre island landmark; Hon Mold shock to marriage; South Island spill straight marriage; Hon Hon Han Nom three scarves; Nom island jumped higher on Dry Island; Dry Hon died multitude beach; Beach drag on Hon Lon die … “.

Ideal time

Nam Du should go in the dry season between December to March every year. Weather is the most beautiful in the range of 3 January by the sea is relatively quiet at the moment, the seasick you’ll also greatly reduce discomfort while traveling by train.

The waters of Kien Giang is not directly affected by storm, but rainfall caused by tropical storms account for a large proportion. The rainy season starts from October 4-11 annually.


From Saigon (or other provinces) can get high-quality cars directly to the Rach Gia. From here you continue the journey on the train to the Nam Du. To reach the Nam Du only means that the ship can be used, depending on the conditions of each time that you can choose for themselves the appropriate carriers.

The lines go Nam Du Island:

Ngoc Thanh (speedboat)

– Hours of berths: Rach Gia Nam Du at 8h15 and at 12h15

– Travel time: 2 hours

Red River (speedboat Helen, Goffrey)

– Hours of berths: Rach Gia Nam Du at 8h10 and 12h10 at

– Travel time: 2 hours

Ho Hai (usually ship)

– Hours of berths: Rach Gia Nam Du at 9 and at 14h

– Travel time: 5 hours

– Phone: 077 3863019.


Map move by boat from Rach Gia to Nam Du.

To explore the surrounding islands and Hon Lon visit some beautiful places, you should hire the ship to move. On the island are some individuals chartering (if not you can rent out straight pier, looking for any fishing vessel of the people, uniform pricing and venues want to go).

Motorcycles Hai Dang Nam Du and Ben Ngu:

Taxi: a lot on the island, prices weekends, holidays are VND80,000 / return to the lighthouse; 50,000 / Return to Ben Ngu. If only lighthouse on a turn, the price of 50,000 dong.

Rent a motorbike: you can ask your local hostels or rented motorbike by a car, priced at about 150000-200000 / day spoiled vu where both the lighthouse and Ben Ngu, both beach Lovers tree anymore ( note Lovers Tree road through park are doing very difficult to run).


On the Big Island currently has a number of motels open to serve tourists, before leaving the island you can contact before booking. In all cases there is not room, you feel free to go out island then contact some people to help with accommodation. Vacation home prices ranged from 200,000 to 350,000 VND / room / night. Lodging comes with the catering services, rental car train went around the island. Special offers guests air conditioning should not have to worry during hot days.

The tourist destination

Beach Lovers Tree

Lovers of the beach is a bay tree, the blue sea with an area of 600m2 fit in the Gulf of Thailand. Anh Vo Van Phuong, who owns part of the land and planted coco beach, said the grandfather, his grandmother lived and owned the land areas. The total land area of about 7 hectares are planted coconut grandfather. There are trees lifespan of 70 to 80 years old. Initially, coconut sparse. When trees fall to the ground dried fruit to the growth and development of coconut. And so, on a lot of coconut trees become green coconut forest, adjacent to the bay. He tried, she died trying to get back to his grandfather, grandmother and his mother then he owns. The time his mother has the right to acquire half of the land area and part of the bay back to him.

Bai Ngu

Royal park located west of Old Tron. Legend has it that on the way through Siam, King Gia Long had stopped here to this area called royal park. The dry season, this beach is still full of fresh water, while other areas of severe water shortage. Here, m still a well is always filled with water. Locals said that the well was dug when the king arrived here should be named wells King.

Beach death

According to folk back in the 16th century on the way to Phu Quoc trade between the Netherlands and trains Chinese have happened a great battle, a few days later there are hundreds of Chinese corpses pull over this beach, from that people called Bai died

Nam Du Lighthouse

Nam Du lighthouse sits atop Hon Lon (Cu Tron) An Son commune. This is considered the highest lighthouse Vietnam is located in the hills due to higher than 300 meters above the sea level.

Nom island

As one of 11 inhabited islands, Hon Nom out only between family living Duong Van Sau. The island is Mr. Vuong Van Kieu, six to reclaim his father and built in 1960. The whole island has an area of about 10 hectares, but only 3 ha is arable, the remaining area is completely rocky .

than the color


Beautiful scenery than the color.

Hon wide color around 200 hectares with over 120 households located adjacent traversing the lowest part of the island. Most people are employed on the island of the sea. Small Island should just set foot here, the people on the island from the elderly to children all know you are the others to the island.

Of the 21 islands of the archipelago, the Creator seems biased when giving to this small island of beautiful beaches. There are five beaches on the island. In it, there are two rare white sand beaches where there is distention and Beach South Beach; the rest are three reefs: North Beach, beach blacks and whites beaches. South Beach is the island’s facade. This quiet beach almost all year round, so to trade ships are stopped in this respect. Therefore, residents have also increased. Still, the beach is also very clean, white sand beaches and jasmine.

Beach Chuong

The most interesting is to be immersed in cool water lap Chướng Beach. As a bay beach looks like a giant lake is surrounded with coconut trees on a year-old life. Sandbanks stretching, water is blue limpid. Tens of meters away still see the bottom.

There are also two rocks are impeccably. Blacks Beach has a variety of beautiful stones. Mostly black colored stones so people take it as a given name. A stone in this park is multifaceted, colorful. When the sun shone, the sea sparkling stones colorful eye-catching. There are very strange pattern member. Van Stone zigzag blue, marbled red pattern. From black stone beach about 15 minutes walk to the beach whites. Full dumps only a stone’s white. Small stones with your finger to by hand along the beach. This beach is almost no sand, only white stone. Who picked two rocks on some rocks like a gift from the sea.

Hon Ngang

Hon Ngang most waves with quiet harbor Nam Du, attracting thousands of ships, boats and the fish cages. From Hon Lon Hon Ngang via ferry takes 30 minutes, twice a day at 7 and 15h Terminal daily.

Hon Ngang is Nam Du commune center. Hon Ngang pier has thousands of ships and boats 60 fish cages are not anchored in a certain order. Coast’s ports on the bamboo huts and concrete floor close together stretching 2km. Only a small road about 1.5 m, without any kind of public transportation.

Hon Hai Bo Dam

Is a tourism People often choose to make the focus of camping and camp overnight. This is quite appropriate locations so that you snorkeling, catching pinch (urchin), fishing, swimming.

Hon Son (Son Otter Hon, Lai Son)

Situated between Hon Tre and Nam Du archipelago, about 60km from the mainland, on the background of the deep blue ocean, Hon Son (Son Otter islands) shows up as a giant mountain. Since 1983, this charming island is named Lai Son, one of four islands in Kien Hai commune (Kien Giang) area of 11.5 km2 with over 2,000 households living. Hon Son, visitors can see all the poetic landscape, the harmony between the sea – island with the humanistic values associated with the history and culture of the land where the rolling waves.

On a clear day, the clouds cleared, Hon Son looked remotely like a jewel sparkling with 7 peaks bobbing on the waves. The closer, more blue on the island around the island attracted covered by green palm trees untouched, peaceful scenery, romantic. Along the coast is the fishing village, boats crowded train, extremely lively atmosphere.

Standing on the shore overlooking from, everyone enthralled to see small rocks, stacked on top of each other, forming what looks interesting. Especially at the beach attractive Thien Tue, near the Temple of South Sea with imposing rock diversified arose over boulders, strange feeling.

Ma Thien Lanh road to the top

Most visitors prefer to explore the hills Hon Son Ma Thien Lanh, which preserved many myths that every people here are known. That was the fairies often descended the mountain where, called the first pitch. Later on, this place has many trees, caves purity should be more ascetic hermit come. Ma Thien Lanh on the way to a Buddha image is also exposed, and many traces of ancient people recorded on stone.

The delicious dishes and specialties

Of course the sea, the specialty is seafood and sea, but here also is full of ordinary dish to serve tourists. If you want to camp out in the island and you can buy food to prepare in advance and carry from Rach Gia. Except remaining seafood food must be moved outside the island from the mainland, the price will be higher in the inland a little bit of your dentist.

Baked fish bones green bananas

Blue fish is also called fish bone replicas, a marine fish, round body and long, pointed beak pliers motionless like fish. Con-long to be able to measure and weigh 2-3 kg. Called blue fish bones because fish skin is blue, when looking at the current show up blue herringbone green.

People choose the fish fresh from the sea new, clean shaving lubricant and then use the banana Siamese tiles, carefully winding. Then the wood to bake until wilted bananas, dried fish is cooked. When eating, opening up bananas, meat and fish skin cracking, aromatic flavor, easily conquer any land gourmet people from the South to the North. The meat is not only sweet but also tough chewy, roll wrapper and served with wild vegetables such as leaf ways, leaf grade, nails steering, improved sun, shoots mother belongs … to create a separate identity of the archipelago, where there is little torch.

Grilled scallops onion

Scallops seafood is a familiar with the ivory flesh without delicious chewy, suitable for both fried and roasted, and is one of the food materials to be processed into a variety of dishes such as delicious and nutritious : roasted scallops with salt and pepper, onion grilled scallops, scallops steamed vermicelli roll.

Ginger steamed squid eggs just sentence


Fresh squid meat, fragrant with ginger, eat do not know tired.

Squid fishing eggs during the breeding season in the belly should contain eggs, squid eggs amount accounts for over 70%. According to experts, squid eggs are very nutritious food. Squid eggs are easy to prepare foods into delicious dishes so very popular. Egg dishes can ink cartridge peppers fried eggs, fried pineapple sauce, fried cheese, chili or satay grill … but the most striking is still steamed squid eggs sweet taste of ginger because ink is not lost but easy to implement, food was not bored.

Cobia sour soup

West coast of Kien Giang is quite famous for fish farming cages baby bop. The species is a long lozenge Friendly, black looks pretty snakehead. Cobia sour contempt unlike the West Sea in the land sour. Cobia here sour soup cooked with tamarind, fresh or salted tamarind minced lemongrass and turmeric with small stab. To dish more appealing, one for fresh or sour bamboo shoots in.

Fish stocks

Drying method is a way of keeping the oldest foods of mankind. Dried fish can leave without being damaged every year. How it dried quite rudimentary but effective, fishermen usually applied to keep the fish fresh for consumption if not timely. Dried fish is also the advantage of being easy to transport than fresh fish. In all types of dry Nam Du Nam Du archipelago are people doing things and fresh fish is a specialty interesting to tourists.

Hint travel schedule Nam Du.

This is just a reference to the schedule you can comfortably explore the island, if you do not have much time it can take the initiative to shorten or lengthen the schedule to suit your own.

First Day: Saigon – Rach

– Evening catch high quality bus from Saigon to Rach Gia
– Have you come from another province self-sufficient means to Saigon

Day 2: Rach Gia – Vietnam Travel

– Arrive early morning Rach, high-speed train travel tickets Nam Du (if you go on holiday, you can take the initiative to buy tickets earlier)
– Go Nam Du, check-in, lunch and rest, rent a motorbike for the afternoon outing

Afternoon start the journey to explore the island

– Go visit Ba Chua Xu temple on the island
– Up Comedy Posted Nam Du visit
– Go to Tree Lovers beach, this is the beautiful beach with coconut trees and white sandy beaches.
– Continue to visit the royal yards and yards dead
– At about lodging, camping if desired

Day 3: Nam Du – Hon Ngang – than the color

– In the morning move from Lon Hon Ngang Islet tour through the fish cages
– Continue to depart than the color, it has a 5 incredibly gorgeous beach
– Lunch break at eating than the color (can bring food)
– Bath and roam freely
– Afternoon can move to visit the other islands of the South Travel
– Evening move back to the Big Island

Day 4: Nam Du – Rach Gia – Saigon

– Morning check procedures
– Buy some sort of specialty, as a gift souvenirs
– Board the departure of Rach
– From Rach Gia started the car back to Saigon.

Some attention in Nam Du Island travel

Nam Du archipelago population have access to electricity generators. In order not to lose touch with loved ones and want to have photos where perennial “sucking pig”, you remember phone charging and a camera or camcorder when operating generators at 17h – 22h.

If you come to this place from January to the end of March, when fresh water is like gold, you remember the maximum water savings to share the suffering of the people. In those days in Nam Du maybe you have to buy fresh water for 6,000 VND / liter to 50 activities.

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