Do not fall into this mistake 7 to have a perfect travel like dreams


Listen to hang out, everyone is excited, revved up the shopping, preparing fixtures, waiting to take the basket off. However, outings want fun, want comfort, we must first carefully plan and ensure the safety of the home had been.

Travel Tips: Do not fall into this mistake 7 to have a perfect travel like dreams

Check out 7 common mistakes in travel that most people suffer or offline.

1. The entire property heirs with him


Let a “reserve asset” to the hotel, in whatever form you believe is the safest, such as bank cards, hidden in a secret place or send management staff … just in case the worst happens out offline. (Artwork – Source Internet)

This is most often the way, because most people think to bring with you is the safest, to another place is found “wrong wrong” immediately, not forget it is also afraid of thieves afraid. However, you’ve forgotten one thing is robbery, burglary external hook more so than at the hotel. You just embankment embankment along the entire property papers with him, missed that “bad luck god” visit, be sure footed robbers flashed through a then took both ways offline. At that time wanted to go but could only cry alone.

2. Traveling that great move


Bulky, difficult to move only part “disaster” only, to forget, stolen, became the target of bad guys attention and a lot more harm, by then it was too late for regrets also you. (Artwork – Source Internet)

This is the general accessibility of this girl. Day pack sitting, crawling everywhere, looking something also necessary, which seemed to go 3 day 7 days away. Fear of rain should bring more wet a little map for sure, fear not pretty wrinkled clothing that is always brought the iron, then no matter how, no hair dryer, “etc. The cloud” … until carrying, up get off the bus / train / plane panting because tired, then regret it was too late I got you.

3. See generally binoculars hole on the hotel room door


Actually, if you think that tiny hole useless binoculars is completely false. (Artwork – Source Internet)

As we enter the hotel room, the first thing you should check is the hole in this little beige. This is where the bad guys often used to: peeping you, put the camera sneaks … Stand outside looking through the hole from which peeked inside to see whether or not to ensure your privacy. And go in the opposite peered out to see clearly before non-static, there are precautions to knock people offline.

4. unrestrained drinking, drunk forget about style


Drunk is never good, especially with the distance you travel. (Artwork – Source Internet)

Consider your drinker then go jubilantly with friends offline. Away never to be safe at home, with friends drinking a few li is indispensable, but not too far lest regret not keep up. You can not think how bad consequences if the street where loss of consciousness. Possible abduction, robbery, fraud, blooper, rape … a lot of cases there.

Do not say no further, recently, a straight girl fainted in the street drunk others were carried straight into the trash … and then take photos posted on social networks. Although the photographer is unknown friends or just passers-by, girl or native tourists, but so too evident evils of drunkenness, then, right?

5. Pumped brimstone even know the address to strangers shelter


Tell others home address, even the number of hotel rooms will bring danger to himself. (Artwork – Source Internet)

This is a very, very dangerous then, especially with the girls. You can not know what people know, just said a few words with each other is good or bad. What was not known for his people in place, and available facilities open always identity, if they are wrong, you will lose network like playing. If luck is just having guys nuts, the story being followed, secretly photographed kidding nor jog.

6. Do not learn before their local situation to


A seafood meal worth nearly 9 million and a half in Boston. (Source Internet)

Either go anywhere, you also have more than 40% met the bad guy, not in this respect is also the other side. The most typical is the “tight guillotine”. If you do not know the security situation where they come, you will be hard to prevent this group of bad guys. Only this year, there are not so many cases “tight guillotine” not nice not eat money in well-known tourist attractions such as Halong Bay Vietnam, Vung Tau, Hanoi … prepared yourself some necessary approaches where equipment is not wrong. To the resort, the first thing before deciding on shopping, dining is the asking price. Meet strangers approaching you should talk to your rig to prevent robbery scene …

7. “Khoe’s” wild in the street


Jewelry worth revealing the street full of people, holding up expensive phone without making the room were very attentive thieves, endangering themselves. (Artwork – Source Internet)

Current times, theft, robbery, evil is more unexpected. When traveling, it is vitally important that should be as simple as possible, something precious, let the house out, do not turn themselves targeted by the bad guys. These essential items such as cameras should have the strap on people (in the grass, wrapped in hand), hook up your phone to use as little as possible outside, the beauty, the kind of jewelry is cheap though also still fashionable right?.