Pindaya cave – interesting destinations in eastern Myanmar


Speaking of Shan State – lands east Myanmar, Most people who travel to Myanmar often referred to Inle Lake. But if you have plenty of time to explore, you’ll get out Inle, Shan there are many interesting destinations for those who love the beauty of ancient culture. With visitors from the West, caves Pindaya Inle about 100km from a destination not to be missed if you have the opportunity to Shan.

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Pindaya Cave – interesting destinations in eastern Myanmar


Pindaya cave entrance

A car from the airport Heho to Inle Lake takes about 45 minutes by car, bus took us from Heho to Pindaya cave also takes about that time, but in the opposite direction. As to the territory of the Shan, the car stopped at a station in the state of ticket sales, ticket prices 2 USD / pax. The path was small but quiet, the two sides are painting red dirt highlands beautiful and peaceful.

Along the way, the car had a population as material shell Myanmar cigars from plants in the garden. We learn the process of picking people, separated into leaves and kitchen (designed quite specifically) for drying the leaves to dry, then fold up into your cart and sold to families making cigars.

When close to Pindaya cave, also stopping vehicles for people to visit a local market. Here, in addition to the abundance of material goods and products featured, comfortable tourists can take photos of grandmothers, women and children with face makeup with tanaka – fine powder made from wood. Local people are very naive and comfortably communicate with tourists because of its daily foreign tourists are visiting.


Pindaya is located between the beautiful basalt plateau


local markets

Pindaya cave is located in the mountain range with an altitude of about 1,200 meters over sea level. Along the road to the cave area is the centuries-old banyan tree, widespread and covers a vast space.

Pindaya dynamic look from the outside has the look of a pagoda, footpaths for visitors from the foothills were roofs to cave portal. Inside will see the endless Buddha statues, big, small, tall, short … very rich and varied, all brilliantly gilded.

According to the introduction of the guide, here has all stretches nearly 8,000 Buddha images along the length of 150 meters of the cave, which has a lot of very precious ancient objects.

Some objects in the shape and style separately, representing styles for different eras. Statue much that there are aisles just enough for two people to avoid each other. Statue decorated from ceiling to cave cave, visitors also so that detours from the entrance up to the top and could see the whole scenery with thousands of Buddha statues.


Buddha statue in a cave


A teenage girl with tanaka makeup

In the second compartment of the cave is an open space next to thousands of other Buddhas. The statue is decorated with alternating cave stalactites, glittering gold, iridescent. It all looks good on that solemn splendor.

In the cave is decorated white light to illuminate walkways pilgrims, magical golden light illuminating the Buddha statue. Depending on the faith and spirituality of the merits, the statue was built around the idea and decorate the ideas presented.

In the cave there are trees from the ceiling stalactites hang down connecting land, water from the cave ceiling under which flows down day by day. In this second space also has a layout area of a population and in front of the Buddha statue is a circle of reincarnation. The notion here is to recite the Buddha pilgrims, walk around seven times to luck.


Beauty on the go


Looking down from above the cave

People here do not burn incense in the temple cave, unique gifts they bring offerings of fresh flowers. Sellers around the temple also counting on the sale of souvenirs for visitors but not such diverse offerings are sold before the entrance in Vietnam.

After visiting Pindaya cave, we stopped at a local restaurant for lunch. The restaurants here are built in traditional architecture of Myanmar should not very nice and airy space. The food is quite good with reasonable prices, a three course meal and a glass of the juice costing less than 10 USD