Singapore Travel: the important note


Singapore has always been quite frequent destination for some tourist favorite. Because this is a country with a well-developed tourism industry scale, modern, meeting young people’s hobbies. From a tiny piece of land, not a lot of resources, but the country has said Singapore can not turn things possible. The following article will summarize some of the Singapore Tourism Handbook, will not complete but will bring to the Information Fact for you are planning on going to Singapore. Experience travel, eat sleep, the prominent attractions v.v.v you can read the detailed article: Singapore Travel Experiences

Singapore Tourism Handbook

Currency and payment in Singapore?


Singapore is a shopping paradise, so here apply all forms of payment. But will comfort and fit tourists Vietnam is paid by:

Credit card (Visa or Master Card) / payment charge 3-5%

Cash Singapore SGD / payment charge, but was charged not with the currency exchange rate

Singapore should exchange in Vietnam before going. If you are in Saigon, it may change in the fine points of currency exchange in the exchange offices on Le Loi, Nguyen Hue or the Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lao street (if you’re in HCMC). If you place in Hanoi, Ha Trung street, the bar does not vary much.

What you need to bring to Singapore?

Singapore quite hot due within equatorial climates. Therefore, the dress will need to cool. Some personal items you need to bring

Headwear: bottle caps or wide-brimmed hat for women.

Portable fan, paper fan. Intense heat into the street, waving carry when outdoors when there is no artificial wind.

Wet towel, dry towel.

Drinking water, may carry small bottles for easy use. Khat that hot game!

Sports shoes sunk: the majority of developing countries are going to have to take public transport more, you need to have one good pair of shoes.

Plastic raincoat / or small O: because in the equatorial climate, the rain can come any time, there is still more to prepare, save money to buy “foreign raincoat” high price.

Loose: the amount from $ 1 – $ 2 – $ 5 – $ 10 and coins should be available in the bag. You will use it in many cases, eg going MRT, food purchases v.v.v

In the 3-pin power plug: Singapore sockets are 3 square pin. Will be important if there is no power or phone charger camera battery.

Socket divided: Preventive 1 3 sockets split, split 4 or more if you travel in groups. Increased number of drive-rata sharing phone numbers, camera v.v.v

Note on immigration and air travel

Note Exit

Present at the airport check-in procedures before 2 hours

Note on hand luggage and was carrying kg, depending on airline regulations and fares.

Do not carry more than 7,000 usd from Vietnam and Sing exiting 2000 SDG

Do not carry sharp objects made of metal, such as knives, scissors, forks, spoons. Avoid buying in Vietnam similar goods or violent toys for children.

Do not bring water or liquid on the plane.

Note entry

Be prepared before all required documents: passport, return air tickets (paper print from email), hotel information

The declaration of entry: specify how long residence is in Singapore, and in any hotels, Customs will ask very carefully this issue

The first to provide all necessary information and inform those groups to include (Customs will consider each person)

Just confidently answer questions what customs

After completing immigration procedures. You should also to seek information on the sea front “Information”. Rooms are maps and information necessary promotion.

Should buy gifts at Changi on the last day, the goods are free of tax.

The phone number needed

Contact the embassy when necessary

Fire / Ambulance – Fire / Ambulance +65,995

Police – Police +65,999

Accidents emergency – Emergency Road Service 24-hour +656,748 9911

City Cab taxi company +656 552 2222

Taixi firm NTUC Comfort +656 552 1111

+656 481 1211 TIBS taxi firms

Note the Singapore

Take a tour of the USS play on weekdays because of cheaper weekend fares.

Some public places will be banned from carrying Durian (because of its odor nuisance to others)

Most shopping sites are open at 10am and close at the level of about 9g-10g night, arrange your itinerary reasonable offline.

Should bring snacks for the necessary precautions. Can be used when food is not appetizing, while missing meals, or eat more when less food.

Drinking water is very clean, you can comfortably drink directly from faucets or sinks in public.

Dispose of waste at the designated places, compliance smoking public places. Environmental law in Singapore is very strict.

Want crossing the road just click apply, if not something worse to him.

Metro will close reach, around 11:30 am, be sure not to go out too for this time slot.

In addition to MRT, the bus transportation is very good. You can use the EZ-Link cards to ride the bus. Or paid in respect of each well ok (if much should purchase the EZ-link)

When traveling escalators, stand to the left.

Never change money at Orchard VND to SGD or commercial zones. You will be surprised to price pressure.

Tax refunds remember when buying items on 100SGD.

Bugis, Chinatown and Lucky Plaza (Orchard Road) is the place you need when you want to shop with reasonable prices.

If you get lost, do not hesitate to ask for directions people, they will be very happy and enthusiastic.

Note Culture and taboos

Do not eat chewing gum in the street (will be fined heavily)

Not eating on MRT (would be severely punished)

Present your passport when procuring goods and request reimbursement invoice receipt (invoice value from 100 SGD or more), procedures for tax refund received in the airport by 7%

Shuttle 12h closed so best to reach from 11 to fun spots to depart on. Failure to be able to select a number of night bus routes.

Night Taxi will cost twice the price during the day, you have to go get a new taxi stations (like take the bus)

Singapore Vietnam timezone offset his 1 hour, for example, Vietnam is in Singapore is 8g 7g

Do not smoke and littering in public places (will be fined heavily), there are separate areas for smokers, usually trash before the commercial center

Dress: Should spruce (long sleeve shirts and long pants) when visiting temples or shrines.

Leaving shoes when you go into the temples of India and Islam. Usually take off shoes before entering the local people.

Use your hand to eat or get food: Always remember to use the right hand when eating Indian cuisine or Malaysia.

When eating Chinese food: Do not connect your chopsticks into the food. If necessary guard chopsticks, leave them on the map hung chopsticks or bowls or beside your plate. If on the table with 2 spoons, remember to eat and porcelain spoon metal spoon (often with extra length) to scoop food.