The three most famous Peranakan restaurants in Singapore


Visitors can visit the Indocafe-the white house, Chilli Padi Nonya Candlenut or to enjoy delicious dishes of the Peranakan, a special residential community in Singapore.

Singapore tourist visiting the three most well-known Peranakan restaurant

Although Singapore is reaching into the culinary destination of the world, the specialty of the Peranakan always private attractions to visitors. Peranakan culture is in fact available from Malacca, Malaysia even before Singapore was founded. According to Peter Wee, President of Singapore’s Peranakan, Chinese people immigrated to Malacca from the 15th, 16th and gradually integrate with the local culture. Chinese men married to Malaysian women and their children are called Peranakan (“baba” to just men, “women” to refer to nonyo). They not only develop their own language but also created a distinct culture, cuisine, pottery, embroidery products, footwear to architecture …


A decorative spice to boot using the self Peranakan.

Peranakan cuisine

Although originating from the two peoples of China and Malaysia but the Peranakan still affected from Britain, India and Thailand. Peranakan culture is based mainly on the background of China should the cuisine also is no exception.

The dishes such as chap chye (vegetable stew), and baibi pongteh (pork stew with immature soybeans), is the Chinese origin usually are the Peranakan laid on the altar every ancestor worship ceremony.

According to the book “Changing Chinese Foodways in Asia” by David Wu and Chee Beng Tan, Peranakan cuisine is a combination of both Chinese culture and other factors such as local raw materials. Initially the Peranakan women in Singapore was taking the popularity of Malaysian raw materials such as turmeric, ginger, lime leaves, lemon grass and tamarind fruit. The raw material is made up of a combination of spices called rempah, appear in the meal of the Peranakan.

Here are 3 restaurants serving Peranakan dishes and the most delicious in Singapore which you can refer to to enjoy.

Indocafe-the white house


The traditional cuisine of the Peranakan in Indocafe restaurant-at the white house.

This is a well-known Peranakan restaurant, located in the House have designed elegant colonial in 35 lines of Scotts. Step on the inside you’ll find furniture layouts such as tables and chairs, cabinets, shelves … and many items of the Peranakan as traditional costumes, bat wand …

Laksa noodle dishes out Oriental essence of Thai and Chinese cuisine, the restaurant also serves many dishes prepared with the special combines like kerabu bok nee (black mushrooms and mashed chicken cooked with sambal sauce), Penang otah (eggs cooked with coconut milk, eat the same fish pieces nestled inside).

The cuisine of the restaurant also including itek’s heart, babi pongteh, or variations of the fried buah keluak.


A Penang otah.

Chilli Padi Nonya

The restaurant is located at street number 11 Joo Chiat Pl, do the dishes have attractive color, exact recipes and our staff are very enthusiastic. This neighborhood also can take visitors back to a time of Singapore, with the traditional bars, rong on the city and all of the groups who play mahjong …

Affordable and tasty dishes like cabbage rolls and fish head Curry … the main reason help Chilli Padi Nonya attracts not only people but also the visitors all over the place. Many customers come here and come back many times to enjoy the spicy with harmonious combination in which they can’t find in any other place.


Candlenut is also an interesting address to visitors to enjoy and learn about Singapore’s Peranakan cuisine. Owner is a young chef, Malcolm Lee (32 years). It offers many of the Peranakan dishes but not too influenced by Chinese cuisine that’s processed by way of the West.

Homemade beef rib soup together as buah keluak, chap chye combine shrimp sauce or banana bread with caramel ice cream and banana steamed Melaka is the highlight in the menu of the restaurant. The restaurant is located in the number 331, the New Bridge.