Top 5 Address dining for tourists Singapore


Wee Nam Kee Hainanese chicken rice, Gong Cha or douhua Lao Ban is the dining guests should visit when traveling to Singapore.

Singapore travel: dining addresses you should remember

If you fret not know will select the item in the extensive menu in Singapore, please try the suggestions below and certainly will not disappoint.

Wee Nam Kee Hainanese chicken rice


Golden chicken pieces of greasy, absorbent soaked nursery in mixing sauce.

This is one of the Hainan Chicken Rice restaurant is delicious and famous for Singapore. Wee Nam Kee chicken is boiled at all the water used in the cellar by chicken bones together the ginger and garlic. Food was cooked by water seepage on taste fatty chicken stew, tangy rice like particles which melts in the mouth. Recipes rice dishes make Wee Nam Kee Hainanese chicken differently than the other brand in Singapore is watered up sauce chicken is concocted of chili sauce and ginger from picky pureed in perfect proportion.

Address: Avenue 275 Thomson Road, # 01-06 Novena Ville (opposite Novena Church), Singapore 307645.

Opening hours: 10 h-12:30

Gong Cha


The rich and delicious taste make unique Gong Cha became the favourite milk tea brand in Singapore

Milk tea is a drink popular in Singapore and is the most famous brand of Gong Cha. When the first milk tea craze to appear here, just have little taste for options. But now his father served countless kinds of Gong tea milk fit the preferences of all customer groups. Mango tea Au Lait and strawberry Au Lait are the two most popular are dishes, however, if you want to try a different flavor of lemon jelly tea sung Gong Cha is also an option.

Address: Somerset # 01-37, SCAPE # 02-39, China Square Central # 01-56, International Plaza # 01-36 number 10 Anson road, Orchard Central #B1-02

Douhua Lao Ban


Soybeans Plunge Ban popular in Singapore.

Made from soy beans fresh, Lao famous Board by soft and squishy douhua class. Right from the first scoop douhua pieces, smooth tan, Bui and aromatic soothing … will surely conquer any customers. So, here is the gift item that visitors should not miss the opportunity to visit Singapore.

Address: No. 1, Kadayanallur Street # 01-91, number 51 City Center Food Maxwell Ariport, # 01-127 Food Center City Old Airport.

Carrot cake He Zhong


Carrot cake is can’t miss dishes in Singapore.

He Zhong is the brand most Eastern carrot cake in Singapore. The cake consists of pieces of rice flour and white radish cleaning up, and then bring the chips as omelette lếp. After that, the chef in the He Zhong will add poh chye (salted turnips) and mix with garlic and egg to serve customers.

Address: No. 51 line Upper Bukit Timah, Bukit Timah market and food areas in Singapore.

Baked manta rays


Grilled yellow rays disk ruộm attractive fragrance.

Manta rays are very poisonous fish but for Singapore, this is the raw material for food streets are very unpopular. Baked manta rays originating from Malaysia but in Singapore it is changes in the way special chili sauce type thanks to own called sambal. First, he squeezed a little lemon juice sprinkle soy source up to reduce fish its fishy smell, at the same time help the fish pieces not being dry. Then the fish are roasted and then eventually nine watering sauce sambal over. The smell of fish in spicy blend of spicy sauces will stimulate taste makes customers want to eat forever.

Address: food Chomp Chomp, BBQ seafood city Boon Tat.