Top 6 Food skin whitening


Today, beauty trends are women top concern. In it, the problem is most noticeable is the desired skin care with a bright white skin, smooth. But you do not know what whitening choose either quickly bring high efficiency. Along Cooky, find out!

From ancient times, when the skin whitening cosmetics unborn, the woman who knows how to whiten skin with turmeric. This type of natural cosmetics available in the garden. Containing curcumin in turmeric has anti-oxidation, acne, fade scars and skin whitening effect. Moreover, food habits and technology will help prevent ameliorate stomach – common disease in our society. Eating technology also beautify the skin, white skin.

Honey is one of the popular beauty ingredients are preferred by many women work it brings. Honey effective whitening, acne lotion and extremely effective. Vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, B vitamins are essential nutrients and are very good for the skin. Some minerals found in honey, such as iron, zinc, calcium, copper … necessary for health. In particular, honey contains antioxidants levels high, may protect skin from the sun, prevent aging and maintain youthful skin’s there.

Aloe Vera, also known as aloe, are foods that contain good nutrients for the skin. The use of aloe vera in addition to pain relief, anti-inflammatory and mineral supplements for the body, aloe vera helps the cells under the skin to absorb nutrients, smoothing the skin, effectively reducing pimples. Use a mask or aloe vera combined with some other raw materials had the effect of smoothing the skin, medium skin whitening. Aloe Vera combined with honey skin care formula is great. This mask helps tighten pores, just make smooth white skin. Besides, you can also cook the tea, aloe vera, cool eating healthy again.

Fruit is sour, contains abundant amounts of Vitamin C, lemon in anti-aging skin. Dust exposure, reach more with the computer, the television will appear more pigment in the skin, especially your face. But lime will remove bad burn, freckles. Fresh lemon juice will slow down the aging process of skin, making skin to become lighter, more rosy. In lemons also contain natural acid skin whitening effect is very good. Fresh lemon skin whitening is one of the natural and effective way that many women have tried. There are many whitening with lemon, you can mix lemon with water, mask. Should limit exposure to the sun after using lemon.

In carrots contain many nutrients useful not only for human health but also the beauty effective methods for girlfriends. Vitamin A is found in carrots helps whitening, acne clears. In addition, the carrot also contains many antioxidants such as beta carotene, alpha carotene, phenolic acid, glutathione helps girlfriend with a towel healthy skin, youthful, minimize wrinkles and crow’s feet. You can grind the carrot of vitamins, facial or use them in everyday dishes for family and those around him.

Yogurt is a good food for our health because it contains high levels of vitamins, minerals, calcium strengthens bones, promote digestion. Eating yogurt helps your skin glow, bright white. With the many benefits of health and beauty, in addition to enjoy yogurt as a snack daily, many women use yogurt as feedstock white skin.

Above is the food that we introduced. Missing something? You can share more about the Cooky and people offline!