Travel Hoi An experience culture unique Hoi An


Hoi An is a city where time deposited making visitors feel like back to his childhood. Hoi An is where many cultures from the East to the West, so the culture Hoi very nicely demonstrated by the architectural works in this place. Let’s go travel to experience the cultures on Earth Hoi help you find true relaxation moments in life, away from the busy life of anxiety.

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Travel Hoi An Hoi An cultural experience-explore the Thu Bon River

Hoi An still retain the way ancient culture is formed from a mix of people Vietnam, China, France and Japan with the Japanese covered bridg

e, Mr Chua, wells, Earl the Assembly Hall of the Chinese people.

Travel Hoi An experience culture unique Hoi An 1

Ong pagoda:

Travel Hoi An experience culture unique Hoi An 2

Travel Hoi An Hoi An cultural experience-Ong pagoda

The pagoda, located at number 24 Tran Phu is also called The shrine, who Minh Huong settled in Hoi An and the Vietnamese people build in about the mid-17th century, Church Bladesman, aimed at glazing threshold, praise, extolling the supposed crush on gas, more central to his paralysis. The entire Temple is composed of 4 buildings, are stored under password, type the structure were overlapping to avoid, roofing tiles and roof very nicely decorated, the Dragon. The statue of Guan Yu was placed in the middle. The ubosot also has two European statues, and the statue of Quan Binh Nghia; 2 the 1 horse white horse, and the old chain with exquisitely meticulous shaping.

Ba Le Well:

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Travel attractions of wells Spread the feast

Located on a small street Tran Hung DAO, near the road to Hoi An ancient town, ceremonies of the count fields with bold old, past the ancient layers of moss green, dense, rough strokes, old brick layers of solid, clear of the well water has contributed to the more bold the soul of this place fresh, filled around the mouth and into the well. Technics 1st Earl is representing harmonious combination between antique architecture art glass with Feng Shui art of ancient Hoi An people. Wells architecture of squares with the circumference of 5, 5 m deep, about 6, 15 m and the 60 m, 0, high into the mouth of wells are built entirely in brick, large Mallet, wood frame bottom is lim broad. Well water is always sweet and cool clear waters year round.

Cau Pagoda:

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Travel Hoi An Hoi An cultural experience-discover architecture Bridge Pagoda

Bridge Pagoda also known as the bridge of Japan and Lai Vien Kieu, legend due to the Japanese built in the early SEVENTEENTH century. In addition to the value of traffic, travel, architecture, this is where religious activities are related to the legend of the town pinned to cards on River monsters, Shui tai preserving peace for the streets and community residents. . Covered bridge lunisolar quite nicely, in the middle of the back and the type of Rainbow, 2 top globe has the animal statues, the two sides have narrow corridors as a break with 7 wooden space crosses a small Creek along the texture, decoration showing the harmony between the architectural style Free The United States, Japan, and the West.

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Travel Hoi An Hoi An cultural experience-take a walk on the streets of Hoi An

Hoi An was voted one of the 10 most attractive tourist cities in Asia. In the area of the old city, you will walk the streets freely without having to worry about traffic safety when walking. Hoi An by night as more glamorous with by the light gently emanates from the Lantern. Step into the space of hundreds of years ago right in the present will make you extremely excited. Come to Hoi An, you will forget the worries, the same busy soaking up the culture experience on the ground in Hoi in particular and the world in General.