The way travel alone as a pro


There are many different ways to travel and also have different meanings, with people traveling to relieve psychological, someone traveling with family to help improve their lives, adding that we can extended sight with the beautiful scenery. Are the same ones traveling together, there is nothing more wonderful. But not everyone has the opportunity to share such, the mobile travel alone is a great idea, but to travel alone as a professional people we should have prepared such brain. will share with you a few experiences are as follows

How to travel alone as a pro

  1. Reservations for the night or a few nights top cruise to easy trip.
  1. Schedule and advance to dispel worries.
  1. no need to plan if you can change it at any time to meet your companion on the road, or want to stop somewhere.
  1. Travel alone does not mean that you are alone. You can meet and make friends along the way.
  1. Shop the clothes have a secret pocket to carry items of value.


Traveling alone is an unforgettable experience, but requires more experience.

  1. Always carry business cards hotels where you can call in for a taxi easily.
  1. Spend a day or two to get used to the new environment, not to plan too much in this time.
  1. If you want to find a partner, ask the essential questions as they like to spend money, how much and how long is the travel.
  1. Always carry an alarm to avoid bad guys and animals attack.
  1. Get familiar with tourist applications when needed help, such as Couchsurfing, TravBuddy, Penroads, HearToMeet …
  1. Join the program with the natives as BonAppetour and EatWith to eat the same natives, Skillshare to classes with the natives, or Airbnb to stay as indigenous.
  1. Buy travel insurance deals.
  1. confident demeanor: don’t get yourself as tourists are embarrassing view map. Keep in confidence to other people thought you were a native.
  1. Give yourself the opportunity to mature: traveling alone means you will have to face the challenge and experience. Every time need to conquer an obstacle, or try something new is each time you give yourself the opportunity to learn and grow.
  1. Upon arrival, please ask for a map of the place safe and not safe if traveling alone.
  1. Only the really necessary and compact.
  1. To map the values at home or concealed: The items of value will attract attention As little important. you help to worry over.
  1. Delete the word “cannot” in your dictionary: If you think you can’t. you will not be able to do, and if think you can, you will do. A positive attitude will give you great experience when traveling alone.
  1. Find the hostel common area like the kitchen, watching tv … If you want to get acquainted with the other
  1. Investment bought a good flashlight.
  1. Buy distance control device for the camera, and a Joby GorillaPod SLR to take pictures without selfie sticks.
  1. Open and flexible: If you don’t know how to use the bathroom squats in Thailand, they will also not cover the red carpet or make you correct what you need. Please research everything and ready to get acquainted with new things.
  1. Try on before dark and avoid traveling alone at night.
  1. If you want to go with a group, please sign up for a tour G Adventures. In this way, you still come alone but with other people.